August 24, 2008


Breaking Through To Your Ultimate MLM Success PDF Print E-mail

Remember, Network Marketing is not a selling business. It is a teaching business!

One teaching another a simple way to duplicate success.

“Breaking Through To Your Ultimate MLM Success
… OR…
Having The Dust Of Regret Choke You To Death!”

By Joshua Shafran

This might surprise you, but we won’t deal at all with specific techniques or tactics. You see, you can learn ALL the techniques and tactics in the world and you still won’t have sustained MLM success unless you learn and MASTER this topic. It’s about the personal development side of MLM… because, as my good friend Randy Gage says, “Your network will only grow as much as you grow personally.” No truer words have ever been spoken with regards to MLM success. So, let’s take on some personal growth together.

You have two choices as to how you mentally approach your MLM business building activities.

You can build your network out of your VISION for it — or by allowing your CIRCUMSTANCES to dictate and determine its growth. One makes the impossible, possible… the other will have you throw your hands in the air with frustration and disgust at the world for serving you a “raw deal.”

One, YOU have absolute control over changing… the other places you at the effect of the whim of the world. One is empowering and inspiring… the other is depressing and will have you declare, “I guess MLM just doesn’t work for ME.”

Let’s talk about circumstances first. Circumstances are the PERCEIVED problems or obstacles between where our MLM business is currently and where we want it to be. All of us have numerous reasons or circumstances that can prevent us from building a huge exponentially growing network. Some of the more typical and common circumstances that come up are……

I don’t have enough time to devote 7 to 10 hours a week consistently to the business….
I don’t know enough people or have enough contacts….
I don’t feel that I can give a solid presentation to people….
I don’t have enough credibility with my people….
My product is too expensive….
My upline doesn’t support me….
The person who sponsored me in the business left the same day they sponsored me….
I have not made money at this yet, I can’t ask people to join until I do….
My sponsor never trained me properly….
My spouse doesn’t support me….
I don’t have enough money….
I don’t know enough — I need to learn more before I can confidently present this to people….
I freeze up if I have to speak in front of groups.

Get the idea? Those are all circumstances. Outside factors and perceived limitations. There are as many reasons why someone CAN’T build the business as grains of sand on Miami Beach. Any limiting factor you experience between you and your MLM dreams is merely the present circumstance. I’m sorry to break the news to you, but the question is not IF you’re going to hit roadblocks to your MLM success… because you WILL encounter circumstances you deem unfavorable. The real question is how will you choose to react to them?

Will you choose and make decisions concerning your MLM business based on your vision of what you want to happen or based on all the circumstantial reasons that prevent you from having the success you seek? When we choose and make decisions based on circumstances, we focus our attention on all the reasons why it’s impossible to manifest our dreams. We argue for our limitations. Forget about searching for a solution. In fact, it’s human nature to look for and collect evidence that proves your point of view and to automatically reject ideas (without a second thought) that don’t.

Here’s the good news : It works the same way if you choose to make decisions from your vision.

You think in terms of creating something new and argue for possibilities. A visionary collects evidence that proves he/she can make it happen and automatically rejects ideas (without a second thought) that don’t. It’s the flip side of the same coin. A matter of perspective and which end you choose to focus on … Vision or Circumstances.

Vision says : “I will have this happen REGARDLESS of the outside circumstances. The world will either see me victoriously pounding my chest from the summit of the mountain or find me dead along the way because I refuse to give up. I will not be denied!”

What if you decided to have that type of committed vision for your MLM business? Nothing would be impossible! With that type of attitude, do you really think that any “so called” roadblocks listed above could keep you from success? Of course not! Because, in the light of the grand vision you have for your Network, each circumstance in between means nothing!

Think about some of the greatest visionary leaders of our times (or the leaders and top money earners in your company for that matter). People like JFK, Henry Ford, Martin Luther King, Jr., Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and so many more. Each of them had (or have) a vision that changed the world (or, in the case of leaders in your company, had a vision that changed their financial future). But was it clear sailing for them or do you think they had to conquer some major league negative circumstances? What do you think JFK encountered when he declared, “to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade?” Talk about being a visionary. All he had to work with was his vision. After all, at the time he made that decision, human space travel wasn’t a possibility… he had no role model to follow.

At least YOU know it’s POSSIBLE to get rich in MLM because so many people have already done it before you… but no one had ever walked on the moon until JFK’s “crazy” vision was made manifest in the world. I bet JFK got sick and tired of all the criticism and “nay-sayers” he encountered in the process of realizing his vision.

And what about Henry Ford? When Ford decided to produce his now famous V8 engine, all of the engineers that worked for him, stuck in their present circumstances, said it was impossible to cast an 8-cylinder engine block in one piece. But Ford, standing in his vision and making all his decisions from that vision (not the circumstances) told his engineers to produce it anyway. I’m sure his engineers tried to convince him that if he knew all that they did about engineering, he’d agree that it was impossible too. But Ford’s vision, and resolve to manifest it, was stronger than their circumstances… telling them to “stay on the job until you succeed, no matter how much time is required.” They tried everything. Worked day and night for over a year without success. Still they were convinced it was “impossible!”

But it wasn’t impossible for Henry. His vision was so real to him, he saw it as if it was already a reality. Ford made it clear that nothing else mattered. It was clear, in no uncertain terms, that he wanted it, that he would have it, and that he was unwilling to accept failure. And then, as if by magic (a committed vision really is magic – it produces amazing miracles) Ford’s vision won out over the engineers’ circumstances… and the solid block V-8 engine was created!

Kinda makes the circumstances you’ve got to tackle to have MLM success seem like child’s play, doesn’t it? After all, there were a whole lot more circumstances between Ford and his V-8 (or JFK and putting a man on the moon) than exists between you and having the realization of your vision of having a brilliantly successful MLM career!

By now perhaps you “got it.” If you “get it” then you have just discovered the single most POWERFUL element that absolutely guarantees you MLM success! If you missed it (even if you didn’t miss for that matter) I suggest you go back and read it again. In fact, I suggest you read it every day until you “own” it as a part of you. How do you know when you “own” it? When you’re unwilling to settle for anything less than manifesting your dreams through Network Marketing.

Would you like to learn how building your network from your vision will attract and, more importantly, persuade – tons of hard working people to join every level of your organization?

The difference between building your MLM business from your vision for it or from all the circumstances and perceived obstacles standing between you and your business goals. We looked at two amazing people who, with nothing but an incredibly powerful vision, accomplished what the world called “impossible” (Ford’s vision of a solid block V-8 engine and JFK’s vision of putting a man on the moon). They created unprecedented results in the face of no evidence whatsoever.

We’ll finish this critical subject by discussing HOW to make sure you’re always building your MLM business from your vision and not allow any negative circumstance to stand in the way of your success story.

But, before we get into the “how”, let’s look briefly at the “why.” WHY the vision you have for your network is actually the strongest sponsoring tool you’ve got. Believe it or not, this is how you can become a people magnet. Think about someone you respect and have confidence in. Someone you would follow… the kind of person who speaks and inspires people to action. The kind of person that everyone just can’t seem to get enough of. Someone with that twinkle in their eyes, the spark that seems to instantly ignite a desire in people to be a part of whatever they’re up to… even something simple or silly. You know, someone so successful and empowering that it just feels good to be around him or her. I’d bet dollars to donuts that whatever person you just thought of – no matter who they are – has a very clear and powerful vision for their life and knows exactly where they are heading next. Think about it. Are they a “lost soul” wandering around waiting for permission to succeed or are they a… “Take-Charge-Make-It-Happen-Right-Now-No-Matter-What-Gets-In-My-Way-Person?!” I’m betting that it’s the latter of the two… that nothing short of death would deter them from their goals.

Let’s return for a moment to JFK. His vision changed the world. He inspired everyone. Millions upon millions of people would have followed him to the end of the earth. They were drawn to him, almost by magic. Excited by and enrolled in the picture JFK painted of possibilities, people were hungry to be a part of something bigger than them.

Have you ever looked at someone and knew instantly that they had the “Fire in the Belly”? That you just KNEW they were either already successful or on the fast track to success? When someone has a powerful vision and direction for their life they communicate it without speaking a word… and it is this nonverbal communication that people pick up on (which, by the way, is much stronger than anything you could ever say) and want to be included in. After all, everyone wants to be part of a winning team. YOU can be that kind of person. In fact, you ARE that person right now, this very moment… if you choose to be.

The instant you start consciously choosing your actions based on what you desire to see happen (instead of all the reasons why it’s impossible) you have transformed yourself into that kind of person. The “how” part is not hard. Actually, it is very simple. Anyone can do it. But it does take consistent effort (and so, very few people stick with it).

You see, for the majority of the world, when faced with a decision (however small or big) it’s rare to find someone who will actually stop and consciously think to themselves, “Am I making this decision out of my vision or out of my circumstances?” Yet, it is EXACTLY this type of conscious decision making that will kick your network marketing efforts into high gear. This type of self-monitoring takes effort in the beginning until it becomes a habit. So, do you want to become a people magnet… the kind of person that people flock to be in your presence?

The first step is to consciously stop and notice from the simplest to the most complicated decisions concerning your networking business, where you are choosing from. Are your decisions possibility driven (based on your vision for your MLM business) or are they controlled by the limitations of your current circumstances?

The second step is easy to say, even easier to understand, but takes discipline and consistent effort to apply… Make sure that every time you catch yourself making a decision out of limitations (the circumstances), that you stop, think again and make a new decision out of your passionate vision for what you desire to see happen.

So, the next time you face circumstances like……

I don’t have enough time to devote 7 to 10 hours a week consistently to the business….
I don’t know enough people or have enough contacts….
I don’t feel that I can give a solid presentation to people….
I don’t have enough credibility with my people….
My product is too expensive….
My upline doesn’t support me….
The person who sponsored me in the business left the same day they sponsored me….
I have not made money at this yet; I can’t ask people to join until I do….
My sponsor never trained me properly….
My spouse doesn’t support me….
I don’t have enough money….
I don’t know enough — I need to learn more before I can confidently present this to people….
I freeze up if I have to speak in front of groups.

Look at them as gifts. As opportunities for you to strengthen your visionary muscles. I invite you to draw a line in the sand and consciously choose to be a … “Take-Charge-Make-It-Happen-Right-Now-No-Matter-What-Gets-In-My-Way-Person”

When you choose to be this type of person, you exude confidence. You are filled with power because you recognize that although you might not see the answer right now, there IS a way you WILL overcome your circumstances! (If you’re willing to search for the answer.) This type of a person is unwilling to settle for anything less than their desired outcome. They know the current situation is only temporary and ask themselves empowering questions to discover the solution. Questions like: “If JFK overcame all the obstacles to putting a man on the moon, what can I do to overcome this? Who do I know in my upline that faced similar problems and what did they do? Who can help? What would I do if my life depended on it? How can I solve this and have fun at the same time?”

Here’s some more questions to ask yourself: “Will what I’m choosing right now bring me closer to my dreams or further away from them? Is this decision about what I want for my MLM career or is it about my fears? Five years from now, which will be more important? If not now — then when?”

If you adopt this discipline, you’ll find you will attract higher, better and bigger possibilities than you ever dreamed possible. You will attract situations and people in bigger leagues up to playing much bigger games. Remember that generating money for life through MLM is rooted in personal leadership. And, in order for you to lead yourself and your network to success, you first have to be someone worthy of being followed. You become such a man or woman the instant you begin thinking and believing in your vision and the unlimited possibilities it holds for you.


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